Roman Republic, C. Clodius Vestalis - The Vestal Virgins

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This coin was struck by Caius Clodius, who fought under Brutus, monetary quatuovir in 43 BC. The head of Flora recalls the fetes instituted by Clodius Certho in 240 BC, which were probably made annual in 173 BC by C. Servilius, whose son struck coins in 74-50 BC with the legend C SERVEIL C F FLORAL PRIMVS (see lot 484). The type of the Vestal recalls either Quinta Claudia (c. 212 BC), who, when a ship laden with things sacred to Cybele struck in the shallows of the Tiber, called upon the goddess to vindicate her innocence, and drew the vessel safe to shore; or the Vestal Virgin Claudia (143 BC) who, when her father Appius Claudius Pulcher resolved to have a triumph contrary to the will of the people, walked by his chariot to the Capitol, so that it might not be lawful for any of the tribunes to interfere and forbid it.

C. Clodius Vestalis AR Denarius. Rome, 41 BC. Laureate, draped bust of Flora right; lily at shoulder; C•CLODIVS C•F• around / Veiled Vestal Virgin seated left, holding a two-handled bowl; VESTALIS to left. Crawford 512/2; Sydenham 1135. 3.88g, 19mm, 7h.

Choice Extremely Fine.