Roman Imperators, M. Junius (Q. Caepio) Brutus - Pedanius Costa

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The types here celebrate the victories in Thrace and the coins were likely struck from silver donated by Polemokratia, widow of the Thracian prince Sadala. Nothing is known about Pedanius Costa, who was the legate of Brutus here mentioned. What is interesting iconographically about the bust of Apollo on the obverse is the way the standard border of dots has been changed to tear-drop shaped rays, thus emphasizing his connection with the sun.

M. Junius (Q. Caepio) Brutus AR Denarius. Military mint travelling with Brutus and Cassius in Western Asia Minor or Northern Greece, 43-42 BC. Laureate bust of Apollo right; COSTA LEG around / Trophy of arms; IMP BRVTVS around. Junia 42; Sydenham 1296; Crawford 506/2. 3.76g, 20mm, 1h.

Rare. Fleur De Coin.
An incredible example that is as fresh today as when it was minted. Centrally struck on a broad flan, this is without a doubt one of the very best examples of the type.