Roman Imperators, M. Junius (Q. Caepio) Brutus - Sestius

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Lucius Sestius Quirinalis Albinianus was a proquaestor of Marcus Iunius Brutus and a suffect consul in 23 BC. He was the son of Publius Sestius. During the excavations of the villa in Settefinestre, which belonged to Sestius’ parents, stamped potteries with the letters LS, attributed to his initials, have been revealed. Literary sources credit him with the dedication of three arae (altars) of the Imperial cult in north-west Hispania, sometime around 19 BC. Sestius was also a friend of Horace and was the subject of one of his odes.

M. Junius (Q. Caepio) Brutus AR Denarius. Military mint travelling with Brutus in Asia Minor, 42 BC. Veiled, draped bust of Libertas right; L•SESTI•PRO•Q around; P in left field / Tripod between sacrificial axe and simpulum, all within beaded border; Q•CAEPIO BRVTVS PRO COS around. Junia 37; Sydenham 1290; Crawford 502/2. 3.71g, 19mm, 1h.

Extremely Fine.