Roman Imperators, Cnaeus Pompeius Magnus - The Military Skill of Pompey

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This piece was minted under Cnaeus Pompey Junior, who was the elder son of Pompey the Great and Mucia.
The obverse of this issue displays a bust of Numa Pompilius, from whose son Calpus, the gens Calpurnia (of which family this moneyer Cn. Calpurnius Piso, here named as proquaestor, was a member) claimed descent. The reverse refers to Pompey’s victories over the Pirates who had so recently plagued the Mediterranean. Skilled in the art of war, Pompey’s valour and success in a series of brilliant actions established him in the opinion of his contemporaries as one of the finest generals that ever commanded an army.

Cnaeus Pompeius Magnus AR Denarius. Military mint travelling with Pompey, 49 BC. CN•PISO PRO•Q•, Head of Numa Pompilius right wearing diadem inscribed NVMA / Prow of galley right; MAGN above; PRO•COS below. BMC 62; Crawford 446/1; Calpurnia 30. 3.89g, 18mm, 7h.

Extremely Fine. Well centred, with full types and legends visible. Uncommonly fine for the issue. Pleasing old tone.