Roman Imperators, Cn. Pompeius Magnus and M. Poblicius - War Against Caesar

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Following the battle of Thapsus in the spring of 46 BC, Julius Caesar returned to Rome to celebrate a series of triumphs. That September, Caesar set out for Spain in what would be his final campaign. Here the sons of Pompey the Great, Cnaeus and Sextus, had rallied the remains of the African forces to make one last stand against Caesar. The forces met at Munda in March of 45 BC and the Pompeians were defeated, thus ending the first series of civil wars. Cnaeus was captured and executed, but Sextus escaped and survived to become a problem for the Second Triumvirate. This coin was issued by Marcus Poblicius, legatus pro praetore to Cnaeus, to pay the legions under his command in Spain.

Cn. Pompeius Magnus and M. Poblicius AR Denarius. Spanish mint, 46-45 BC. Helmeted bust of Roma right; M•POBLICI•LEG PRO•PR around / Hispania standing right, with shield slung on back, holding two spears in left hand and presenting long palm branch to soldier standing left on prow of ship; CN•MAGNVS•IMP around. Pompeia 9 and Poblicia 10; Sydenham 1035; Sear 48; Crawford 469/1c. 3.72g, 22mm, 7h.

Extremely Fine. Obverse of uncommonly fine style; attractively toned.