Roman Empire, Titus - An Exceptional Portrait

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Aesthetically, this Ephesian denarius of Titus is highly impressive. The quality of the engraving on both obverse and reverse is extremely high, far surpassing that of the companion Rome mint issue. The portrait of the emperor is bold and vigorous, and is possessed of far more lifelike qualities than most contemporary issues. Titus' head and facial features are well proportioned, and the crown of laurels set upon his head seems to rest farther back than normal – the effect is quite charming, and further enhances what is a most fair and pleasing likeness.

The reverse of this coin is an example of the favour demonstrated by the Flavians towards the types employed by Augustus, evoking the memory of that golden period of stability and prosperity.

Titus, as Caesar, AR Denarius. Ephesus, AD 76. T CAES IMP VESP AVG, laureate head right, annulet below / COS V, bull standing to right on ground line. C. 56; BMC 486 (Vespasian); RIC 1483 Vespasian (Vespasian); CBN Vespasian 374; RPC 1458; BN 374. 2.75g, 20mm, 6h.

Extremely Fine. Very Rare, and in exceptional condition for the issue. Minor flan crack.

Ex Triton V, 15 January 2002, lot 1927.