Roman Empire, Nero - Virtus

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Depicting the most important quality by which the Emperor and Empire endured, Virtus is the spirit of valour, manly energy and courage, but she is also the Roman goddess of war and the counterpart of the protecting goddess of the city, Roma. The inclusion of EX S C rather than the more regular S C found on Æ coinage, signifies that Nero, by decree of the Senate was able to strike coinage, rather than the type itself being consecrated by the Senate.

Ex Bolla Collection, Tkalec Auction, 28 February 2007, lot 17;
Privately purchased from Leu in 1956.

Nero AV Aureas. Rome, AD 62-3. NERO CAESAR AVG IMP, bare head right / PONTIF MAX TR P VIIII COS IIII P P, Virtus standing left, helmeted and in military dress, with right foot on cuirass and right hand holding parazonium on knee, left hand holding vertical spear, EX S C across fields. RIC 36; BMC 40; Calico 435. 7.72g, 20mm, 6h.

Very Rare. Extremely Fine. Beautiful lustre.