Roman Empire, Gaius Julius Caesar - The Favoured Heir of Rome

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Born Gaius Vipsanius Agrippa, the eldest son of Marcus Vipsanius Agrippa and Julia, the daughter of Augustus. Upon his adoption by his grandfather in 17 BC along with his brother Lucius, he assumed the name of Gaius Julius Caesar. It was Augustus’ intent that Gaius should succeed him at the helm of the empire, and to this purpose he was enrolled in the senate at the age of fourteen, and assumed the consulship at twenty one. He was made commander of the armies in the east, and the young Gaius soon earned the respect of his countrymen and enemies alike when he forged a peace treaty with Phraates V of Parthia on an island in the Euphrates. Tragically, his brother Lucius fell ill and died in August 2 AD, and around the same time Gaius was wounded while besieging the Armenian city of Artagira. He died eighteen months later at the age of twenty four. Their deaths robbed the empire of two most promising young princes, and Augustus of his most favoured heirs. The aged emperor was left inconsolable with grief, and the way was thus cleared for the succession of Tiberius.

Gaius Caesar AR Denarius. Uncertain mint, 17 BC. CAESAR, bare youthful head of Gaius Caesar right, within laurel wreath / AVGVSTVS, candelabrum in wreath, patera to right. RIC 540; BN 1013. 3.73g, 19mm, 2h.

Very Rare. Very Fine.