Roman Empire, Didia Clara

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This aureus, struck in the year her father bought the throne of the Roman Empire at auction, shows Didia Clara as the proud bearer of the title Augusta which she and her mother Manlia Scantilla had assumed. Although she was allegedly the most beautiful woman in all of Rome, we know hardly anything about her life. She was married to Cornelius Repentinus, who served as a prefect of Rome during her father’s brief reign. Silver coins of this enigmatic Augusta are rare, and in gold they are very seldom seen.

Didia Clara, Daughter of Didius Julianus, AV Aureus. March-May AD 193. DIDIA CLARA AVG, draped bust right / HILAR TEMPOR, Hilaritas standing left, holding palm branch in right hand and cornucopiae in left. C. 2; BMC 13 (Didius Julianus); RIC 10 (same); Calicó 2402.

Very Fine. Scattered marks and scratches. Extremely Rare.

Ex Sotheby's 'Collection of Highly Important Greek and Roman Coins', 20 June 1979; lot 123;
Ex Münzen & Medaillen XXI, 9 March 1960, lot 64;
Ex Vicomte de Quelen Collection, Rollin-Feuardent, 7 May 1888, lot 1267.