Roman Empire, Augustus - The Emperor Improves Public Roads

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Senatus Populusque Romanus, Imperatori Caesari, quod viae munitae sunt ex ea pecunia quam is ad aerarium detulit - This piece relates to the improvement and administration of the public roads made by Augustus, who contributed towards them from his own private funds. The statue may represent one of those erected to Augustus by the senate outside the city near the Porta Flaminia.

Augustus AR Denarius. L. Vinicius, moneyer. Rome, 16 BC. Equestrian statue of Augustus right, on low pedestal inscribed SPQR IMP CAES in three lines; arched gateway of city wall to right / L•VINICIVS L•F•III•VIR, cippus inscribed SPQR IMP CAE QVOD V M S EX EA P Q IS AD A DE in six lines. RIC 362; BMC 82; RSC 543. 3.83g, 19mm, 7h.

Very rare. Very Fine; attractively toned.
Ex BVH Collection;
Ex Triton XI, January 2008, lot 784.