Kings of Parthia - Musa: Concubine, Queen and Usurper

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Musa was a concubine given by the Emperor Augustus to King Phraates IV of Parthia at the time of their negotiations in which Augustus recovered the eagle standards lost by Crassus at Carrhae in 53 BC. Phraates IV made her his favoured wife; her son Phraates V (2 BC – 4), commonly called Phraatakes (a diminutive form), he appointed successor. She persuaded Phraates IV to send his other sons to Rome as hostages. With all rivals out of the way, she and Phraatakes poisoned the king and assumed the throne in 2 BC. They appear together on their coins, and were apparently co-rulers.

Kings of Parthia. Phraatakes, with Musa, AR Drachm. Ekbatana, 2 BC-AD 5. Diademed bust of Phraatakes left; Nikai flanking, crowning Phraatakes with wreaths / Diademed and crowned bust of Musa left; legend around, monogram below chin. Sellwood 58.9; Shore 324; Sunrise 404. 3.77g, 21mm, 2h.

Near Extremely Fine; slightly double struck reverse. Rare.