Kingdom of Macedon - The Early Antigonid Coinage

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This highly important drachm struck in the types of Alexander III but bearing the name and royal title of Antigonos presents us with another small piece of the complex puzzle that is the early coinage of the Antigonid dynasty. Troxell recorded a very rare issue of Alexandrine tetradrachms in the name of Gonatas (The Peloponnesian Alexanders, ANSMN 17, 1971, 75-6, note 68), which through hoard evidence was conclusively proven to be struck at Pella circa 272 (see R. W. Mathisen, Antigonus Gonatas and the Silver Coinages of Macedon circa 280-270 BC, ANSMN 26, 1981, pp. 79-123, esp. p. 104). However, this unique drachm has no controls that would tie it explicitly with the Pella mint tetradrachms, and even more perplexing is the style of the engraving, which is clearly dissimilar to the tetradrachms as well. One might suppose that it is in fact not a coin of Gonatas at all, but rather a hitherto unknown drachm of his grandfather, Antigonos I Monophthalmos. However, this also does not sit well, again for reasons of style, which is inconsistent with the period of Monophthalmos' reign. For the time being, therefore, this coin must remain a numismatic enigma until further evidence can shed additional light on it.

Kingdom of Macedon. Antigonos I Monophthalmos (or II Gonatas) AR Drachm. Uncertain mint in the Peloponnesos, circa 306-301 BC. Head of Herakles wearing lion skin headdress to right / Zeus enthroned to left, holding sceptre with left hand, eagle perched on outstretched right hand; ΒΑΣΙΛΕΩΣ to left, ΑΝΤΙΓΟΝΟΥ to right. Apparently unpublished in the standard references; for the tetradrachm series, cf. H.A. Troxell, The Peloponnesian Alexanders, ANSMN 17, 1971, pl.19.1 (Antigonos Gonatas); cf. Head, HN S.229 (Antigonos I.); cf. Alexander The Great, Athens Exhibition 2010, 177 (Antigonos Gonatas). 4.11g, 19mm, 12h.

Extremely Fine. Apparently Unique and unpublished in the standard references. Of great numismatic importance.

From the Gutekunst Collection.