Gaul, Senones - Enemies of Rome

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It was at the hands of the Senones that Rome suffered one of its most humiliating defeats, leading to the capture and near total destruction of the city in 390 BC. In about 400 BC the Senones had crossed the Alps, and having driven out the Umbrians, settled on the East coast of Italy, in the so-called ager Gallicus, and founded the town of Sena Gallica, which became their capital. In 391 BC they invaded Etruria and besieged Clusium. The Clusines appealed to Rome, whose intervention, accompanied by a violation of the law of nations, led to war, the defeat of a Roman army at the Allia on 18 July 390 BC and the capture of Rome.
For more than 100 years the Senones were engaged in hostilities with the Romans, until they were finally subdued in 283 BC by P. Cornelius Dolabella and driven out of their territory. A branch of the Senones then settled in central Gaul and from 53-51 BC were engaged in hostilities with Julius Caesar.

Gaul, Senones AV Stater. Circa 100-60 BC. Gallo-Belgic Bullet Type. Small cross in center of plain globule with prominent rim / Plain convex reverse. Delestrée-Tache 2537; Castelin 704ff; Scheers, Danicourt 316; Allen/Nash 159. 7.36g, 13mm.
Good Very Fine.