Roman Empire, Caracalla - An Amazon at Rest

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The figure in this image can be identified as an Amazon on account of the axe and the shape of the shield set against the tree, which conforms to Roman ideals of Amazonian apparel. A close parallel may be found on a relief adorning a marble sarcophagus in the Capitoline museum (inv. scu 726), in which an Amazon battles Greeks armed with such a shield and double-bladed axe. Here we see this Amazon in a moment of rest, gathering fruit from a laden tree she has come upon.

According to Apollonios of Rhodes' in Argonautica, the mythical Amazons lived just to the east of Amisos in three towns near Themiscrya near the mouth of the Thermodon (modern Terme) river.

Caracalla Æ33 of Amisus, Pontus. Year 241 = AD 209/10. ΑΝΤΩΝΙΝΟC CΕΒΑCΤ, laureate and cuirassed bust left, holding spear and shield; countermark: capricorn / ΑΜΙCΟ ΕΛΕΩΘΕΡΑ, Amazon standing left gathering fruit, at foot of tree Amazonian shield and bipennis; in exergue, ETCMA. A. Malloy, The Coinage of Amisus, New York 1970, 161; for countermark: Howgego 299. 18.65g, 33mm, 7h.

Very Fine. Extremely Rare.