Britannia, Atrebates - Claudius' Excuse

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A son of Commius, Verica succeeded his elder brother Eppillus as King of the Atrebates in about AD 15. He was recognised by Rome as Rex and therefore an ally. A disastrous war with the Catuvellauni eventually led to his capital of Calleva being conquered in around AD 25, and the total loss of his kingdom by about AD 40. Expelled from Britain around this time, the emperor Claudius used the pretext of aiding Verica as cause to launch his invasion of Britain.

Britannia, Atrebates. Verica AV 1/4 Stater. Circa AD 10-40. Thunderbolt, COM above, FILI below / Horse prancing to right, VIR above, pellet in circle below. Rudd, Ancient British Coins 1205; van Arsdell 4681. 1.29g, 11mm, 7h.

Lustrous, reddish metal. Extremely Fine. A truly outstanding example. Very Rare.